Thursday, 26 April 2018


Group nutrition workshops


These are held at your work place (within Auckland), and can be tailored to suit your group's needs.

Workshops can include information on healthy eating, stress reduction, cognitive health, improved immunity and weight management; as well as interactive cooking demonstrations.

Whatever your requirements, a workshop can be designed to cater for them. 


“Shona is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of nutrition to assist others to improve their health, increase energy levels and manage weight. Shona presented three, one hour nutrition sessions to a group consisting of factory,  office and senior management and she fully filled the brief to provide professional nutritional credibility to support our 12 week healthy eating programme. She laid down the foundation for basics of good nutrition for those with little knowledge of the topic and also adapted her presentations to meet the needs of the audience who had a higher level of understanding around the subject. Shona supported her presentations with good science, but did not overwhelm the group with unnecessary details.  Thank you Shona!"

-- Leonie Orr, HR Manager, NZWS.


"Thank you so much for coming in at lunch time today to speak with us here at Flintfox!

I’ve received great feedback so far, saying that a few pointers you made were real eye – openers! – I particularly enjoyed how you started with how stress along with the risk of storing too much fats can affect our brains in the long term. Definitely some interesting facts and key pointers I’m sure everyone got out of the talk overall."

--Nina Gadd, Flintfox

"Shona worked hard to ensure the workshop she delivered was tailored to our team's specific context and needs. We learned simple ways to improve our current menus to ensure they had the good nutrition that the young people we work with deserve. The team enjoyed getting involved in cooking new recipes and trying new foods that were healthier alternatives to those they were familiar with."

-- Anna







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