Thursday, 26 April 2018

“Shona is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of nutrition to assist others to improve their health, increase energy levels and manage weight. Shona presented three, one hour nutrition sessions to a group consisting of factory,  office and senior management and she fully filled the brief to provide professional nutritional credibility to support our 12 week healthy eating programme. She laid down the foundation for basics of good nutrition for those with little knowledge of the topic and also adapted her presentations to meet the needs of the audience who had a higher level of understanding around the subject. Shona supported her presentations with good science, but did not overwhelm the group with unnecessary details.  Thank you Shona!  

-- Leonie Orr, HR Manager, NZWS.”

"Thank you so much for coming in at lunch time today to speak with us here at Flintfox!

I’ve received great feedback so far, saying that a few pointers you made were real eye – openers! – I particularly enjoyed how you started with how stress along with the risk of storing too much fats can affect our brains in the long term. Definitely some interesting facts and key pointers I’m sure everyone got out of the talk overall."

--Nina Gadd, Flintfox

Shona's nutritional guidance, recipes and one on one sessions played a significant part in helping me achieve my goal and within the timeframe. I am pleased I used Shona's nutritional services, the information I received will be useful long term.'' 



"I have been seeing Shona for help with health and nutrition since July 2016. I have been very impressed with her knowledge of all things nutrition and her ability to focus in on what is important for me. Shona has given me some excellent strategies to help me eat in a more healthy and mindful way. She has given me lots of healthy recipes and I have begun to look at food in a different way. Shona has looked at my lifestyle and helped in a holistic way, not just with food. I am achieving very good results, which I am very grateful to Shona for." 

-- Heather

"Shona is fantastic. She has helped me conquer some issues I have had with my diet. She is very professional and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her work." 



"Shona is extremely professional, thorough, knowledgeable, focused, caring, intuitive, empathetic, and generous with her time, and she relates well to different age groups.

I have recommended her to colleagues and family, and feedback I have had from them is also very positive.

She has the perfect balance of questioning and commenting to build up a complete picture during her time with the client. And from this, she is able to make perfect nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which have always gone beyond my expectations"




"I want to thank you Shona, for all the helpful nutritional advice you gave Ethan. Your recommendations not only improved his dietary well-being but, his behavioural patterns in and out of school improved dramatically. The supplements you suggested worked almost within a month, and we've noticed consistent improvements in all areas of his life, from social interaction to his focus levels and even balance. As you know, for a 6 year old child with ASD these basic elements can often be a major struggle, you really helped us a lot. Thank you." 



"I met with Shona when I was 3mths pregnant with my 2nd baby, after putting on 20+kgs with my first daughter and still carrying 10kgs of those around, I knew I had to do something, and that any weight gain could not be sustained with my 2nd baby. Shona was instrumental in my success and I'm pleased to say that right up until I was 40wks I only put on 2kgs.

Shona was very thorough in understanding everything about me and researching all medication I was on, she was extremely knowledgable and what I really appreciated above all else is that Shona showed genuine concern in helping me with my quest.

Shona understood the importance of making meals quick and easy and provided practical recipes and ideas for quick snacks, each session I would leave with an easy focus for the weeks ahead and always a reminder on the goals I am focusing on.

I look forward to additional sessions since having baby as it is important to me to be as healthy as I can. Totally recommend Shona as someone committed to helping you achieve your goals." 

-- Karina


"I found the supermarket tour very informative & educational & our members loved it! I never looked at food labels before & now find myself checking everything before I chuck it in my trolley. Thanks Shona for your knowledge & expertise you shared with us"

-- Michelle-Director/Manager, Configure Express The Gym for Women-St Lukes.


" Shona's superb advice turned my health around and saw a negative blood test go to a positive one in just a few weeks. Can't thank you enough Shona"

-- Jenny


"Shona worked hard to ensure the workshop she delivered was tailored to our team's specific context and needs. We learned simple ways to improve our current menus to ensure they had the good nutrition that the young people we work with deserve. The team enjoyed getting involved in cooking new recipes and trying new foods that were healthier alternatives to those they were familiar with."

-- Anna

"In all honesty, I had no idea what my current 'settings' were, so having this composition analysis done was a huge help. Along with that, your helpful suggestions and guidance was a over and above what I expected, and since then I've kept a very positive outlook on my own health and physical development."

-- Christian

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