Thursday, 26 April 2018

Initial consultations and follow up appointments are held at my Sandringham clinic, and all client information remains confidential.


Initial consultation

These are approximately 2 hours long, and are in three parts:

Before the appointment you are asked to complete a confidential pre-consultation form with details of your health goals, and previous and current health history. A three day food diary will also need to be completed. This information helps to form a complete health picture.

During the consultation this information is discussed in further depth and relevant health measurements, including body composition, are recorded. The Body composition testing includes  body fat, muscle, water and bone (via bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)).

The final part of the consultation involves discussing the nutritional and lifestyle changes that will help you achieve your health goal(s).

You receive: specific nutrition recommendations, a meal plan, a portion size guide, a meal composition guide, excercise suggestions, and recipes. 


Follow up appointments

These are approximately 1 hour long and are a great opportunity to discuss your progress and for further recommendations to be made. Your body compostion is also checked.

You take home: follow up notes, additional recipes, and a copy of your body composition results. 


"In all honesty, I had no idea what my current 'settings' were, so having this composition analysis done was a huge help. Along with that, your helpful suggestions and guidance was over and above what I expected, and since then I've kept a very positive outlook on my own health and physical development."

--  Christian


 "Shona's nutritional guidance, recipes and one on one sessions played a significant part in helping me achieve my goal and within the timeframe. I am pleased I used Shona's nutritional services, the information I received will be useful long term.'' --Sonja





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