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I can provide the nutritional advice and support you need to

make long-term improvements to your health. 

"I have been seeing Shona for help with health and nutrition since July 2016. I have been very impressed with her knowledge of all things nutrition and her ability to focus in on what is important for me.

Shona has given me some excellent strategies to help me eat in a more healthy and mindful way. She has given me lots of healthy recipes and I have begun to look at food in a different way. Shona has looked at my lifestyle and helped in a holistic way, not just with food.

I am achieving very good results, which I am very grateful to Shona for."



You have visited my website today so perhaps you have a health concern in mind? Would you like professional nutritional advice for yourself or a family member?

I would love to help you achieve your health goals and can do this by offering results driven nutritional advice and affordable consultations.

I have had great success helping clients achieve health goals they thought were beyond their grasp or were not aware could be improved, such as improved memory, healthy weight loss, a full night's sleep, and reduced pain.

Contact me on  09 846 1160 or 021 100 1560 to speak with me about arranging an appointment. 


I offer specialist advice for:


- Cognitive health (dementia, Autism, ADHD, dyslexia)

- Long-term healthy weight loss

- Fussy or problem eating

- Group or corporate workshops


"Shona is extremely professional, thorough, knowledgeable, focused, caring, intuitive, empathetic, and generous with her time, and she relates well to different age groups.

I have recommended her to colleagues and family, and feedback I have had from them is also very positive.

She has the perfect balance of questioning and commenting to build up a complete picture during her time with the client. And from this, she is able to make perfect nutritional and lifestyle recommendations which have always gone beyond my expectations"


“Shona is very passionate about sharing her knowledge of nutrition to assist others to improve their health,, increase energy levels and manage weight. Shona presented three, one hour nutrition sessions to a group consisting of factory,  office and senior management and she fully filled the brief to provide professional nutritional credibility to support our 12 week healthy eating programme. She laid down the foundation for basics of good nutrition for those with little knowledge of the topic and also adapted her presentations to meet the needs of the audience who had a higher level of understanding around the subject. Shona supported her presentations with good science, but did not overwhelm the group with unnecessary details.  Thank you Shona!

-- Leonie Orr, HR Manager, NZWS.”


Why choose Nutrition Workshop?


My consultations are very thorough and my recommendations are specific to your needs:

- 2 hour initial consultations, with plenty of time to talk about your goals.

- Body composition checks include body fat, muscle mass, hydration levels, bone mass*

- Receive completely personalised meal plans, recipes, and exercise guidance 

Skype consultations can be arranged if you are unable to visit my clinic.


 "Shona is fantastic. She has helped me conquer some issues I have had with my diet. She is very professional and very good at what she does. I highly recommend her work." --Billierose


*Please note that the body composition testing machine has limitations; it will only produce a full set of readings for those aged 18 years and over, and for those that weigh less than 150kg. 


About me

I am Shona Wilkinson, and I am a Registered Clinical Nutritionist with the Clinical Nutrition Association of New Zealand (CNA). I have six years experience in a wide range of health conditions and a particular interest in cognitive health (e.g stress, autism, dementia). I have a NZQA Diploma in Nutrition, a Bachelor of Applied Science in Psychology, and a background working in food technology (NZCS, Food Science). I am also involved in many projects and initiatives:

  • Coordinator for the Health for Life Programme, combining fun cooking workshops with nutrition education for the South Auckland community.
  • Currently the event and project coordinator for the Clinical Nutrition Association (CNA).
  • As a registered clinical nutritionist with the CNA I can provide nutrition services that can be claimed under  health insurance policies such as the Southern Cross Health Essentials policy and Accuro's SmartCare policies.
  • I am a registered vendor for the ACC. If you are recovering from a recent injury ask your case manager if you qualify for free nutritional support. Adjustments to nutrition can reduce the time it takes to recover from joint, bone and soft tissue injury, and improves recovery from brain trauma and stroke. Please contact me for more information about this service.



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